There are many ways to save money while travelling. Some of these include: Having a roommate to share expenses, budgeting well, and staying away from expensive guided tours. Others, like avoiding drinks and desserts at restaurants, can make a huge impact on your expenses. Read on for five money-saving tips to follow when travelling outdoors. You might even be surprised by how much you can save.


Outdoor excursions can easily eat into your travel budget. If you’re not too far from your accommodation, check if there are free hikes or sights to visit. If not, try using coupons and online deals to save money. Also, if you’re heading to a National Park, you’ll soon be able to enjoy fee-free days until 2021. In addition to these tips, keep in mind that the cost of activities can quickly add up.

Avoiding expensive guided tours

If you want to spend your vacation doing what you love, avoid booking an expensive guided tour. Many attractions have set numbers of visitors each day and give them to tour companies, meaning you’ll either miss your chance to get in or have to pay an exorbitant price. Additionally, many countries use different time zones and a 24-hour clock. That can make time-sensitive situations more expensive, and you don’t want to mix up time zones.

Having a roommate

It might sound odd to travel with a roommate, but it actually makes financial sense. Not only can you split the costs of utilities, groceries, and internet service, but you can also use the money you save to further your financial goals. Having a roommate is also an excellent way to create built-in companionship and avoid spending more than you would otherwise. The best thing about sharing a room with a fellow traveler? The two of you can have fun together without any of the hassles that come with sharing a place.

Avoiding drinks and desserts at restaurants

When travelling in a foreign country, especially a developing one, tourists should avoid drinking fresh fruit juices sold on city streets. Most of these street vendors use tap water for making their juices, and most of the fruits are unwashed and covered in chemicals and pesticides. It’s best to stick to water or bottled drinks when dining out. Listed below are some of the most common food and drink risks when travelling in foreign countries.

Keeping a spending journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and remember details. This can also be beneficial during times of emergency, such as during a coronavirus pandemic. It can also be fun. Journaling in the early morning and evening can help you remember things that happened throughout the day. In the middle of a rainstorm, a journal can come in handy. You can remember where you ate, what you drank, and what you didn’t.